Termite Treatment

What should I do if my home has termites?

Termites are a Wood-Destroying Insect. There are many species of termites, but Eastern Subterranean Termites are the termite treatment servicemost common in the St. Louis area. These termites live in soil near their food source, and can eat the wood supports in a home. Termites can make colonies in the wood if the moisture level is right, because they can't tolerate prolonged exposure to air. They need to stay in contact with a source of moisture to keep from dehydrating.

Termites are an important part of the ecosystem; they help break down dead trees. However, they can't tell the difference between dead trees in the forest, and dead trees that make up your home.

Eliminating a termite issue can take time, but Apex Pest Control is up to the challenge. The first steps to permanently eliminating a termite problem are:

  • Correcting moisture issues. By fixing leaky downspouts & gutters and making sure drainage runs away from your home, excess moisture issues can be eliminated. By eliminating moisture, conditions become less hospitable to termites.
  • Correcting ventilation issues in basements and crawl spaces. Increasing ventilation can help correct moisture problems as well.
  • Removing debris from around the perimeter of the home. Any woody debris can invite termites to colonize near your home, eventually making their way into the structure.

Once environmental issues have been corrected, Apex Pest Control may employ a long-lasting termicide treatment to kill termite infestations. Not to repel termites, to eliminate them altogether. Apex Pest Control has been executing termite treatments in St. Louis and Jefferson Counties since 1983, so give them a call today.