Fenton MO Pest Control Services

Termite Pre-Treatment

Many people in the Fenton area are wondering, “What is the best way to keep my home termite free?” For those building new homes or businesses in Fenton, the answer is simple, Apex Pest Control. With a termite pre-treatment from Apex, you can rest easy knowing that your structure is protected from termites. The two step termite pre treatment system that Apex Pest Control uses, treats the building materials of the home as well as the soil/ground around the home. If you are building a home or office in the Fenton area and are worried about termites destroying the structure, contact Apex Pest Control today for more information about termite pre treatment service in Fenton.

General Pest Control

Treating a home for pests yourself can be a tedious and time consuming process. Sometimes you get the results you were hoping for, while others you seem to dump time and money into the pest problem and see little to no results. Each critter is different. It requires special skills and treatment to eliminate specific pest from your home in Fenton. When you call Apex Pest Control, the professional exterminators in Fenton, they will work with you and explain the process of eliminating pests in your home. Whether you are having trouble with crickets, spiders, ants or something worse, contact the professional pest control company at Apex Pest Control in Fenton.

Rodent Removal

Rats and mice are not always seen as rodents that must be eliminated from your home. Some people keep mice or rats as pets and care for them as they would any other house pet. However, in many cases, if someone sees a rat or mouse in their home they want it gone as soon as possible. If left unchecked, a rodent problem can get out of hand very quickly. Rodents multiply very quickly and can spread throughout the home. These pests can get into the walls and chew electrical wires increasing the chances of a house fire. Food contamination is another concern, as rats and mice can often carry diseases. If you think you may have a rodent problem in your home contact the professional rodent exterminators in Festus MO, Apex Pest Control.

Termite Treatment

Treating a termite problem is not cut and dry. The process of drawing termites away from your home is something best left to the professionals. Apex Pest Control in Fenton MO offers a two step termite elimination process. The faster you act when you think you might have a termite problem, the better. These pests can cause an immense amount of damage in a short amount of time. If you think you might be suffering from termite damage in Fenton MO, call Apex Pest Control today!

Termite Inspection

When purchasing a new home, it is standard procedure to inspect all the major systems of the house to make sure they work properly. The best way to ensure that the home you are buying is safe and structurally sound is to have a termite inspection. Most mortgage lenders insist that a home be inspected by a professional termite inspector for the presence of termites or termite damage. If you are purchasing real estate in the Fenton MO area, ask the realtor if the home has had been inspected by a professional termite inspection service. If not, contact Apex Pest Control in Fenton MO today!