Pest Control Company Arnold MO

General Pest Control in Arnold MO

Many household pests such as ants, spiders and cockroaches can be eliminated with the proper solutions and implementation. At Apex Pest Control in Arnold MO, we offer many different, yet effective types of pest management solutions. We understand that a pest problems in your home can be devastating and make it difficult to complete everyday tasks. We inspect and treat houses with pest problems in Arnold MO everyday. We will respect your home and provide the pest elimination results you have come to expect from Apex over the last 30 years.

Rodent Control Arnold MO

While some pests are unsightly and intrusive, others are downright dangerous. Diseases carrying rodents, such as rats and mice, can spread their germs in your Arnold home while they make their new residence in your pantry. Physical damage left by rodent infestations can be costly. Chewed wires can cause fires in between walls where the damage is not as easily visible yet still dangerous. Rodent elimination is important to take seriously and act on as soon as the rodent problem is discovered.

Real Estate Termite Inspections Arnold MO

When buying a new house it is always a good idea to have it inspected for pests and any other unwanted critters. Termite inspections in Arnold MO are important. In many cases, lending institutions require it as a condition of purchase. The homes value and integrity will severely decrease if there is termite damage or worse, termites present upon inspection. If you suspect your home has termite damage in Arnold, call Apex Pest Control. They offer a full range of termite elimination solutions and will get the job done right.

Termite Treatment Arnold MO 

There are many different types of termites but Eastern Subterranean Termites are most common termites in Arnold MO. Termite extermination can take time but Apex is confident that it has the tools, resources and experience to eliminate termites from your Arnold home. Apex provides online tips to eliminate termites in correlation with their efforts. Termite infestations will not go away on their own and will only get worse with time. Contact Apex Pest Control today and start your termite treatments in Arnold MO as soon as possible.

Termite Pre-Treatment Arnold MO

The best way to eliminate termite problems is to never get them. Apex Pest Control offers pre-treatment solutions for termites when building a new home. At Apex we use a combination of termite prevention solutions to ensure your new home does not get infested with termites. If you are building a new home or structure in the Arnold MO area and are interested in getting it pre-treated for termites, contact Apex Pest Control today for a personalized home inspection.