St. Louis Pest Control Company

Rodent Removal

While Tom and Jerry was a funny TV show when you were a kid, now the idea of having mice in your home is off putting to many, to say the least. When you first see a mouse or rat in your home, chances are you will go buy a mouse trap or two and hope the problem does not get any worse. The truth is, where there is one mouse, typically there are many more you do not see. Hoping that your rodent problem will go away on it's own is not a shrewd thing to do. At the first sign of problems contact Apex Pest Control, your favorite rodent removal company in St. Louis.

Termite Treatment

Eliminating termites in a home is never an easy task. Once these insects find a food source, they will not leave unless severe action is taken. Apex Pest Control uses a two step termite treatment system to remove termites from your home. Then they look to environmental causes that may attract termites to your home. Learn more about termite infestations in St. Louis and contact Apex Pest Control about eliminating termites in your home today.

General Pest Control

Pest Control Companies in St. Louis are not all created equal. Apex Pest Control has been providing extermination services in St. Louis and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Trying to exterminate pests for your homeFor both commercial and residential spaces, Apex Pest Control serves the needs of all St. Louis residents. Whether you are suffering with a rodent infestation, spiders, crickets, centipedes or something worse, contact Apex Pest Control today.

Termite Pre-Treatment

St. Louis residents always wonder, “what is the best way to prevent termites?” Apex Pest Control St. Louis offers a solution to all your termite problems. If you have dealt with termites in the past you know how much of a struggle it can be eliminating them from your home. That's why, proactive home and business owners in St. Louis are getting their new homes and offices pre treated for termites. When building a new structure, the raw materials are left exposed. This gives the experts at Apex Pest Control the ability to treat your structure at the base level, leaving no part of your now home or office exposed to termite damage. If you are interested in a termite free home in st louis, contact the professional termite exterminators at Apex Pest Control St. Louis.

Termite Inspections

Termite inspections protect the home buyer from purchasing a bad investment. A home with termites is not necessarily a lost cause. There are many termite treatment options available in St. Louis residents. When looking to purchase a new home, there are many inspections that potential home buyers have done to ensure the safety of the home. A termite inspection is something you should add to that list. A termite inspection is there to help you make sure you are making the right decision when purchasing a house. If you are unsure if a home you are looking to buy has had a real estate termite inspections call the experts at Apex Pest Control. They can preform termite inspections in St. Louis and the surrounding areas by appointment year round.